Chemical inventory management

Our chemical inventory management system assists companies in maintaining accurate records, and to simplify the creation of internal and/or external inventory reports. An updated chemical inventory can also be used to organize warehouse distribution, to make storage compatibility decisions, and as a starting point to prioritize training needs.

Chemical warehouse checks

We help companies revise or build their chemical warehouse and ensure compliance with safety regulations. We use our compatibility matrix to ensure no incompatible materials are stored together. We also make sure that hazardous materials are stored in appropriate containers and quantities.

Safety data sheet (SDS) management

Our team can assist with SDS authoring, translation, and maintenance, ensuring that your company has up-to-date and accurate SDS for all chemicals in use. Our team's SDS management services cover all aspects of SDS creation and upkeep, guaranteeing that your organization has current and precise SDS for all substances utilized.

Health Ministry Registrations

We can help you streamline and facilitate the regulatory processes mandated by the health ministry. We have access and experience in the "Registrelo" platform, to help you navigate the complex paperwork and submission requirements necessary to obtain health permits and product registrations.

Waste management

We provide advice on the proper disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We also provide counseling regarding the potential re-use of by-products of industrial processes. If your company needs help to set up a recycling program, we can also assist you and contact local recycling companies that will take care of your waste in the most sustainable way.

Transport documents

Chemical transport documents contain concise instructions in case of an accidental spill during the transport of a hazardous substance. These documents provide information regarding isolation distances and emergency instructions to minimize harmful effects on people and the environment.