Hazard communication

Our GHS (Globally Harmonized System) hazard communication training is aimed at the operators who have day-to-day contact with chemical substances. This training ensures that workers can recognize and interpret hazard symbols, understand the vital safety information on chemical product labels and SDSs, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and exposure to harmful substances.

Emergency drills

Emergency drills are essential for ensuring readiness and safety in unexpected crises. They familiarize individuals with procedures, evacuation routes, and protocols, allowing for quick, coordinated responses. Our training will help you identify and rectify weaknesses, and promote effective planning, communication, and preparedness, potentially saving lives and minimizing disaster impact.

PPE usage

Did you know that your workers might be using their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) incorrectly? Our training will give instructions to your staff on how to wear PPE, how often to change it, and which materials are better. SDSs often indicate which PPE is needed to handle each chemical substance, including the type of gloves and masks. Do you know if you need nitrile or latex gloves? Does your mask filter have the correct particle size?