Regulatory tracking

We offer monitoring chemistry-related government regulations to ensure compliance with safety standards, environmental regulations, and reporting requirements. This process is vital for businesses to maintain legal permits and operation licenses. We can do regulatory tracking all over the world, for any country.

Preparation for audits/certifications

At Eko Balance, we know how to organize and review all the documentation to obtain certifications, such as ISO standards. If you have an upcoming audit, or if you just want a better score, we can help you achieve a smoother and more successful audit process.

Continuous improvement projects

Experience enhanced efficiency, reduced waste, and increased productivity with our tailored solutions. You will get quality improvements, cost savings, and overall better performance. Using the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, we can unlock your organization's full potential.

Water treatment projects

We can help you set up drinking water or wastewater treatment systems, with state-of-the-art technologies such as tube settlers, biofilm attached growth, and aeration diffuser systems.  We can suggest the solution that fits better to your process and company size.

Interim QEHS management

An interim manager is a short-term professional hired on a temporary basis to address specific organizational needs. We offer strategic leadership and expertise to steer your company through transitions, crises, or major projects. We focus on change management and problem-solving.

Laboratory test interpretation

If you need laboratory testing, we can contact you with our trusted partners, and help you interpret the results. Our skilled team will ensure that you understand the outcomes, empowering you to make evidence-based decisions and new developments.